99 Places of Taste in the Baltics guide

The cuisine of the Baltic States is not a worldwide known rockstar for sure. Actually, it is not really “a cute girl next door” for most of the Europe as well. It is more likely “an unknown neighbour three houses next to you” for the ones who live in the central Europe. That is why it needed an exclusive introduction for the fellow visitors of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania who want to find some extra-fine food here. And it had to be done by the best ones.

The editors of the VMG magazine (which was named the best food magazine in the world for the third year in a row) hit the road and dedicated themselves for a long journey – they were on the mission. After 4000 kilometres on road, 400 kilometres by foot and after tasting 270 dishes, they have accomplished it – they have finally got everything they need to make a list of their favorite food places in the Baltics.

99 Places of Taste in the Baltics is a convenient portable guide which suggests 33 extraordinary restaurants in each of 3 Baltic states. Places in this photolicious issue had been put in alphabetical order, yet they were classified and marked by special icons to describe their types or cuisine.

Each of the visited places got its 2 pages of fame in this book. Professional pictures of dishes tried by VMG are complimented by one-sentence well-aimed descriptions of the places in them.

Wineries, bars, cafés and other cool places which formed the glorious 99 reveal the true face of Baltic gastronomy. It is a truly eye-opening and mouth-watering invitation for the food lovers from around the world to expand their tasteful experience right here, right now.

Client: Virtuvės Mitų Griovėjai
Photography: Packshot.lt
Year: 2016


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