Kitchen Myth Busters (VMG) made a “VMG School” project to teach children about cooking culture and give them possibility to learn food making at school. They even raised a fund to set up culinary classrooms in the schools which lack them the most. And then the time for another step came.

Creating a culinary textbook that would be in every high school of Lithuania is a great honour and a challenge. The purpose of this book was to introduce food and cooking culture to children. It has to show them the joy and fun of creating and eating healthy and tasty dishes. Therefore, the main task for the studio was to create an attractive, easy to use, yet informative, instructive and involving design.

A bright yellow minimalistic cover is a first sign that it is not an ordinary textbook. The information in it should encourage children to create and learn things, that is why the big numbers, and playful but simple icons found their place in the pages of this book. Each recipe contains only as much text as it needs. Icons, illustrations and quality pictures of mouthwatering food next to it do the rest – communicate the easiness of cooking. Basic facts and information about the main products, table manners and seasonal food guide can be found here as well. All the information about that include illustrations and infographics to make it easier to understand.

Children will find some pages for notes in this book as well – they remind them school notebooks and let them interact. This textbook was printed on uncoated paper to distinguish it from the regular ones. It is available only in hardcover edition for a simple reason – to make it handy and lasting.

Client: Virtuvės mitų griovėjai
Photography: www.packshot.lt
Year: 2014


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